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Dubai Data Change Management Framework

The Dubai Data Change Management Framework provides a practical structure to facilitate transition within the Dubai government. Through a change plan guide; the Dubai Data Manual and supportive toolkits, the Change Management Framework will enable the growth of an effective and sustainable open and shared data culture. Download

Dubai Data Classification Framework

Dubai Data Classification Framework Download

Dubai Data Manual

This document is the Overview module of the Dubai Data Manual – a modularised, interlinked suiteof standards and best practices that describes how Government Entities should manage their data in accordance with the Dubai Data Law. Download

Dubai Open and Shared Data Framework

Shared Data is defined as any data that does not qualify as Open Data under the Data Classification Framework. Shared Data owned by Government Entities should be made available for sharing and re-use by other Government Entities, with appropriate controls depending on whether it is further classified as Confidential, Sensitive or Secret Data as described in the Dubai Classification Framework. Download

Open Data Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to guide the governmental bodies (ministries, agencies, Councils, etc.) where they are required to adhere to when they follow the Open data policy on their website. The scope of this document is limited to the websites of government agencies in the United Arab Emirates. As the document is open for continuous development, its scope can be expanded as dictated by the public policy of the Government of the United Arab Emirates and related instructions. Download

Open Data License

Open Data License Download

UAE Smart Data Classifications

UAE Smart Data Classifications Download

UAE Smart Data Framework

The Smart Data Framework outlines a common basis for each UAE Government Entity to develop its own approach for managing data, in ways that provide maximum flexibility for the Entity to respond to their own business needs yet which also enable a common approach to data classification, exchange of data, and data quality. Download

UAE Smart Data principles

UAE Smart Data principles Download
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